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Brittany in the Sun


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M | Brittany Sifford:

HMUA | Lauren Garcia

Maxis in the Sun with Brittany was a fun idea I had about embracing this oppressive Texas summer sun that seems to melt away the ability to work outdoors for weeks and weeks without a massive production crew to flag off the sun and all it’s destructive power of blinding light torture….   no really, it’s terrible.  But in this lovely little oasis of texture, color and elements
Designers: | Rebekah Victoria Designs,
Tina Johnson’s Four Small Cats Designs,
Esther Schoeneck Bowen of Criminal Class Creations
Location | Modern Home Tours, Austin TX Photography | JWG Photography

 In the blazing sun of a Texas Summer, vibrancy and flow bathe in the poolside warmth. Within a modern backyard vignette of South Austin, Lady Britt (Brittany Sifford) finds flare in the maxi designs of White Star Manufacturing.

White Star is a fantastic source of fabrication for all types of apparel, including these long, flowing designs that allows for coverage from the Texas sun.

brittany in the sun | jwgphotography-10 brittany in the sun | jwgphotography-11 brittany in the sun | jwgphotography-12 brittany in the sun | jwgphotography-13
Criminal Class Creations by Esther Schoeneck Bowen

brittany in the sun | jwgphotography-14 brittany in the sun | jwgphotography-15 brittany in the sun | jwgphotography-16 brittany in the sun | jwgphotography-17
Four Small Cats by Tina Johnson

brittany in the sun | jwgphotography-18 brittany in the sun | jwgphotography-19 brittany in the sun | jwgphotography-20

Rebakah Victoria Designs


In addition to the fabulous work by these White Star designers and Lauren Garcia’s amazing Make Up work, Brittany and I found some time to shoot some fun with her vintage-inspired one piece at the set of this amazing Modern Home swimming pool/backyard in Austin Texas.


brittany in the sun | jwgphotography-1 brittany in the sun | jwgphotography-2 brittany in the sun | jwgphotography-3 brittany in the sun | jwgphotography-4 brittany in the sun | jwgphotography-5 brittany in the sun | jwgphotography-6 brittany in the sun | jwgphotography-7 brittany in the sun | jwgphotography-8 brittany in the sun | jwgphotography-9


Lady Britt is a local model for hire who has worked with the city’s best creative teams.   If you need your project to really have some passion, to be fierce and stunning, I recommend hiring this gem of a woman.


Thanks so much to Tina Johnson of White Star Manufacturing and Four Small Cats Design for really coming through in the clutch for this fun little idea.


View the slide show here:



JWG Photography-39

Sarah + LaVance | A sunset celebration at the Hacienda del Lago


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This is a republished entry:


As promised, the follow up images from Hacienda del Lago from the craziest awesome wedding celebration ever.   Sarah and Junior bring friends and family from around the western hemisphere to the gorgeous hilltop venue in Volente, TX.  They are my new besties.  Period.

This was a ton of fun so I apologize that I had culled this gallery down to a respectful highlight reel.   To see the Facebook gallery of the reception’s SURPRISE PHOTO BOOTH, find us on your favorite social network sites!   Prints available here:

Enjoy the gallery!

JWG Photography--4

Sarah+LaVance | A Lakeside Engagement


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This is a post I have been DYING to publish, and mostly because it’s but a precursor to the hilarity, love, and beauty that follows in this series.   But to begin, this dynamo couple was such a joy to work with that the entire event was spectacular.  I first met young Sarah at a wedding in Cedar Creek, TX where she was working wonders with hair as I corralled the wedding party, family, and and friends with cameras in hand.  I was honored when Sarah contacted me about her engagement.  Meeting LaVance is something like walking into a locker room after an epic victory.  He has a positivity to his attitude that only comes from someone who believes in themselves, making him a perfect match to the beautiful Sarah.  She recommended this wonderful spot on Lady Bird Lake for our backdrop.  These troopers arrived for our photography session in the brisk, misty morning and we went right to work.  Below is a gallery of images highlighting our wonderful shoot.  Enjoy!



This collection is comprised of the images sent to the couple on a contact sheet from which they select their favorites for print such as gallery wraps, luxe series custom invitations, design and decor for the wedding venue, and other imaging products that make their life easier and their wedding more unique.


On technical notes:  This shoot required an assistant (thanks Bethany!) to hold the strobe and 4×5 soft box (AB800 with VML).  The idea was to add a little depth to the couple on a grey, evenly lit day.  I took advantage of the clouds to lower my strobe to an f-stop range of 5.6-8.0 for a shallow depth of field in the wide open sky.


Cory+Josh Wedding at the Taylor Mansion


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Bella Weddings in Central Texas through out this Spring and Summer seasons have been freckled through out my calendar, mixed in with my own clients with whom I have the time, the drive and the experiences between us long before the big day.  These “contractor” or stringer gigs are challenging in that you have to being the person everyone will tolerate with the flashes, posing, shooting all over and around everyone who is trying to do the exact same thing you are doing:  take the best picture!  So it’s up to the photographer to arrive at these events with little more than a quick phone call or meeting over coffee to prepare you to share the most important milestones of their lives.  I was really lucky that this laid back couple and their family were all about enjoying the company and celebration while leaving the photos to me.   Here’s a small gallery of the highlights.  Enjoy!


Feature Image

From the Vault | Megan O’Neill


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Let me be the first to confess that this was nothing more than button pushing.  Don’t confuse this with coyness, I am admitting that this wasn’t a single thing more than aiming my light and camera at one of the coolest ladies in the 512.  Megan is the uber-smiley stylist here in Austin who I have had the pleasure of working with on a couple of random events in the development of my craft.  Additionally, this daughter of a photographer was ON POINT with being relaxed, real, and of course beautiful.  This was an early attempt to grow into the studio space that is now the amazing Pedernales Coop Studio.  With more updates, create changes, new gear and new contributors, it’s vital that I take the time to review the progress of my craft from these early days of single light portraiture to the editorial single-frame stories I capture today.  Your preference?


Natalie + Farrell Wedding PHOTO DOJO


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The only thing that I love more than architecture photography is photographing a wedding of architects at a new venue designed by one of my favorite architecture firms in Texas.  Can anyone say ‘dream job?’  I can!  These native Texans returned to the Lone Star State for a rustic wedding full of full, love, and a PHOTO DOJO for the guests!  Check it out, tell your friends, share your favorites.


We will be finishing the last of the wedding season the August with the booked PHOTO DOJO and then we will be moving away from the service except for preferred client bookings.  This will only be an amenity added to our premium wedding packages for the select and discerning client.




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Jon + Michelle at Hacienda del Lago


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With the return of rain in our Central Texas sky after the crippling draughts of 201o and 2011, Lake Travis has begun its return to picturesque landscapes and lovely, rich sunsets to  on the west rim of Travis County just outside of Austin, Texas.  Amazingly, event venues have survived through the record heat and now are lush with grass, dark green cedars, and glowing dusks as wonderful backdrops to classic weddings such as Jon and Michelle’s celebration of unity at the Hacienda del Lago in Volente.  High on the ridge over looking the lake valley this cozy house hosts ceremonies in the vista aimed into the sunset (quite a challenge for photography! #fillflash) for enchanted wedding images.  Rather than run for the shadows, I used the sun’s blinding light to accentuate this favorite feature of the venue and brought it into the images as a part of this lovely photo story of Jon and Michelle.  A laid back couple assigned to me by Bella Pictures, we first met over a greasy breakfast at Cisco’s in my ‘hood.  I was immediately charmed by Michelle’s natural beauty and wonderful smile which sparkled every time she gazed at Jon’s classically handsome grin and dapper demeanor.  While the affair was an intimate gathering of family, the party was a grand event with white peacocks, home made pies in tiny mason jars, unspeakably delicious bbq, and vibrant personalities that were only matched by the colorful landscape.  Thanks so much to Michelle and Jon for selecting me as there Bella Pictures photographer.


Super Sophie

And Sophie makes it a foursome…


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Emily and Maiya are as much energy to have around as if they were each hurricanes blowing in from the Bahamas.  It’s no wonder we get some of the most fun-filled photos from this mommy-daughter duo.  Cousin Christen made it to the studio for some maternity photography last fall and now has added her beautiful baby girl Sophie to the photo sessions.  What’s great about knowing amazing people is that we get to share beautifully fun milestones together with the camera.  This session at the Pedernales Studio Co-op was a wonderful effort of timing, feeding, burbing, Oreo cookies, and tutus.  With a couple of strobes boxing in the babes from the flank, I kept it colorful for the two baby butterflies.  Enjoy!


JWG Photography is now booking Easter, Newborn, Spring Wildflower, and Senior/Grad portrait sessions.  For more information about our portrait service, please contact us via the website.  All contacts from the website receive a complimentary 11×14 custom print from their retained photo session this spring!


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Style Forward at the Swan Dive


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We had been meaning to shoot at the Swan Dive once again for a more… publishable shoot for some time now.  Shortly after the release of Austin Monthly’s great spread by Andrew Chan at that venue, we decided to push it back and rethink lighting just a bit.  I decided to go with a much higher key composition than I first thought so that these would stand out.  With me is the beautiful and talented Anna Alvarez who is at the Salon at the Domain (book.  her.  now.) for hairstyle and a new collaboration with Allison Schingle on make-up artistry (also styling at the Salon at the Domain, so bring a group!), and a new talent, Mayra Veronica Gonzalez (MM# 2329198).  Dig these now and look forward to more work with this team in the Spring!


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