Wedding Services


Your Special Day


Includes 6 hrs hours of wedding and reception coverage
High resolution copy of enhanced photos on custom DVDs w/ case
Print and products at online store for 90 days starting within a month from your wedding
$100 Credit towards your custom album/archival print box
Choice of Bridal or Engagement Portraiture Session

*Additional Bridal, Save the Date, or Engagement Photo Session for only $150.00 with purchase of this package.

The Event Package


Includes 8 hours of wedding and reception coverage by two photographers
High resolution copy of enhanced images on custom DVD
Additional coverage of the wedding preparation and ceremony by second photographer
Print and products at online store for up to 6 months starting two weeks after the event
$150 credit towards your custom wedding album
Choice of Bridal Set or Engagement Portraiture Session
Choice of Wedding Shower or Rehearsal Dinner Coverage (2 hours)

*Additional Bridal, Save the Date, or Engagement Photo Session for only $150.00 with purchase of this package.

The Premium Package


Includes 12 hours of wedding and reception coverage
Additional coverage of your event by a second photographer and assistant
High resolution copy of photo on custom DVD w/ case
Prints and products at Online store for up to 12 months.
$100 Credit towards online gallery fulfillment store
Your choice of Bridal Set or Engagement Set
Your choice of Bridal Portraiture or Honeymoon Boudoir session
Choice of Wedding Shower or Rehearsal Dinner Coverage
Custom Designed 12 page/22 side Wedding Album 8 x 10″ format or equal credit towards custom size/page album*

*Custom 8×12″ 10 page/18 sides Wedding Album prices start at $675

*Texas State sales tax is added to all products and services

$100/hr (2 Hour Minimum) Additional wedding photography coverage
$450 Engagement/Bridal/After-Session
$250 Rehearsal Dinner/Wedding Shower
$250/hr (2 Hour Minimum) Wedding Photobooth
$350 Additional custom photo DVD-R  with print release


Headshot, Executive, Editorial, Seniors, and Couples Portraiture

Portraiture sessions are available in studio, on location, or any destination that suits your imaging needs.  Each portrait session is as different in design as it is in use. Fashion, editorial, boudoir, model-comp card, head-shot, executive, high school senior, photo booth, and couples portraiture are priced on an hourly or package basis with additional fees for travel, remote lighting, post processing, and print rights.

JWG Photography single subject portraiture sessions begin at $350.00 and $200 per hour (2 hour minimum) for couples. Stylized sets (such as executive portraiture, model- comp card, boudoir, and marketing-editorial) are priced on an hourly rate and vary based on usage of the photos and set design and fees/investment in stylizing each session.   Additional fees for options such as remote shooting, groups, destination, and wardrobe use expenses.

Call today for your complimentary photo session consultation or email us at


Commercial, Product, and Lifestyle Photography

All commercial photography is billed based on end use and rights of images.  Per Diem and usage rights vary from job to job, so please contact us for more information.


Interior and Exterior Architectural and Environmental Photography

Architectural Photography will be shot on a “per location + area” basis. Exterior shots will be considered an “area by perspective” so that each individual vantage is considered a location. Interiors will be billed per room. Different vantages of each room or area will not be billed additionally. Exterior photography pricing begins at $250 per area not including travel time and expenses. A typical building will be photographed on several days throughout a season for optimum ambient light, weather, coordinating with interior lighting availability, and environmental density and design. Thus, four perspectives may well be photographed a dozen times, but billed at $250.00 per perspective. An outline and creative brief will illustrate the expected vantages between the photographer and clients prior to invoicing. Any additional expenses will be added at the time of invoicing to within 10% accuracy of final billing.


Environmental Photography:

We will supply models at staging for additional expenses to be agreed upon at time of purchase order. In order to maintain a smooth schedule, JWG Photography prefers not to collaborate with another agency for live models. We provide scheduled models who fit the desired profiles of our clients.


Photography Rate:

JWG Photography charges a minimum of $250.00 for each architectural composition regardless of the total amount of visits required to capture our selected shot. Addition expenses and advanced lighting rental will be discussed if needed per project. Limited usage of the image is provided digitally for web, email, brochure and medium format printing. Large prints and banners may be ordered through our site.
Boudoir | Intimate Portraits
Bridal Boudoir Session $325.00.
This is a 90 minute photo-shoot in studio or hotel (additional fees) and includes 6 custom 8×10” professional prints OR a high-resolution copy of the 6 digital images on DVD. You will arrive with your hairstyle and make-up already completed by your own accord; no beauty services are included.
Current Spring Special: You can later add the look-book option for at a later date. (Within 90 days of the photo session starting at 125.00 for a 15 page/29 side leather bound look-book).

Honeymoon Boudoir Session $415.00

This is a 2 hour photo-shoot in studio or hotel (additional fees). You will arrive with your hairstyle and make-up already completed by your own accord; no beauty services are included. This also includes the 6 custom 8×10” PLUS a CD with your enhanced web-share/screen resolution (400px by 600px) at web/screen resolution.
Current Spring Special: Upgrade your digital images to HIGH RESOLUTION for high definition display, prints, and quality archival for only $100.00.

Look-Book Boudoir Session $575.00

This is a half day (4-5 hour) photo shoot in studio or hotel with my professional beauty team (make-up, hair style, set design) to create two different styles to match the 3rd and 4th of 4 ‘looks’ during the session, and a custom 8×10” or other comparable sized 14-16 page/27-31 sided Look-book and photo DVD of all final selected images in web-share/screen resolution from the book in web-share/email resolution. Upgrade to 12×12” “Custom Album” or high resolution images on DVD for only $100.00.

The Black Book Boudoir Session $675.00

The most popular package, this is a half day (4-5 hours) of photo fun. This ultimate package includes a 3 hour photo session in the studio and hotel (addition fees). You will receive a stunning custom 8×10” or 12”x12” Look-book photo book and photo DVD with all the images from the book selections in printable high resolution, and your choice of 6 custom 8”x10” prints or 12 5×7”You will have the premium treatment of editorial style, beauty, make-up, and design for this editorial boudoir session, set and wardrobe variations, and a mini “Travel Size” copy of your book for those rare occasions that find your fiancé away for work, travel, or just in need of a sexy reminder of your passion.

All prices are subject to state sales tax.
A retainer of 50% of your total estimate (including beauty team and location fees) is collected at the time of scheduling/reserving your